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Access and ticketing

Everyone is welcome! Of course, little ones won’t be able to enjoy everything the festival has to offer, which is why admission for children under 8 is free. However, they must be accompanied by a person over the age of 16.

No, there is no parking for the event. There are however several public parking lots within the perimeter of the festival, but spaces are limited.

Yes, no problem. Your ticket will simply need to be scanned when you leave and again when you return. Depending on the time of day, just beware of the waiting time.

No, animals are not allowed inside the Festival, with the exception of recognized service animals.

Yes, the entire convention is accessible and adapted toilets are also available.
If your condition requires accompaniment, this service will be offered to you during your visit. You can contact us directly at the access control or inform us in advance by e-mail ( in order to organize your visit as well as possible and to guarantee the availability of a volunteer.

During the festival

Yes, it’s quite possible. Places where picnics are permitted will be indicated.

It is also possible to temporarily leave the festival grounds to enjoy a picnic by the lake.

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Contests (cosplay, lolitas, etc.)

Soon, we are working on the details with our zhiboo partners, but all the information and registrations will be online soon.

Like last year, it’s a two-in-one affair! One competition for both categories.


You must fill out the form here:

Exposants / Food-trucks

However, depending on how full the festival is, registrations may be put on hold. A registration does not necessarily mean a participation!

On Saturday and Sunday, stands open at 9am and close at 7pm.

Food stands open at 10am and close at 6:45pm.

Lhe stands must be ready 30 minutes before the opening.